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He asks for a divorce from his wife…
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He asks for a divorce from his wife after only one month of marriage: "Without make-up she is really ugly!"

November 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The reasons why a couple seeks a divorce can be many and various, yet it would never occur to us to set in motion a separation process from our or our partner for purely aesthetic reasons. We know that it might sound bizarre, but the story we are about to tell you concerns an Egyptian man who is making a lot of talk about himself and who after only a month of marriage has officially asked for a divorce from his wife ... for an absurd reason!

via: Gulf News

The incredible incident took place in Egypt, when a man filed for divorce from his wife after only one month of marriage; the reason for this apparently rather "hasty" decision was one of the most absurd you will ever hear: the man claimed that his wife was too ugly without makeup. But behind these words which might leave you speechless there is a reason, albeit an incredible one too. The man said he met his wife on Facebook and fell for her thanks to the photos she posted online; in fact she did nothing unusual in publishing selfies and photographs of herself on her profile, in which she was particularly made up, which made her very beautiful and desirable.

The man had made contact with her on Facebook, they met and dated for some time and then they decided to get married. The real problem began after the wedding night, when the unsuspecting husband saw his wife without makeup on her face, and found her incredibly ugly; she wasn't exactly the woman he had decided to marry. What was he to do?

In the end, the embittered man chose to take the most radical path, namely that of divorce.

At the Family Court in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis, the man said: "I was really shocked because without makeup on her face she looks nothing like the person I met several times before deciding to get married. I saw her photos on Facebook, it's totally different when you don't put makeup on your face. I was duped and now I have decided that I want to divorce her; in the end she tricked me by wearing heavy makeup to hide her flaws; after marriage I saw her real face without makeup and she is ugly! "

The man also claimed that he tried to overlook his wife's true appearance, but it seems he just couldn't manage it. We hope this swindled husband can find a new wife soon, but we strongly advise him next time not to trust appearances on social media too much: they can be rather deceptive!


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