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10-year-old boy is alone at home with…
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10-year-old boy is alone at home with his mother while she gives birth: there was no one who could help them

November 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A hero is not necessarily defined by his superpowers or the ability to fight crime and bad guys, but he is also defined by the small or big gestures that he manages to implement in everyday life to help people in difficulty.  And above all, heroism knows no age. Ashly Moreau, a very proud mother of her ten-year-old son, knows perfectly well, as her son was able to keep calm and deliver his little brother when Ahley went into labor ...

via: Today

The brave 10-year-old boy is called Jayden Fontenot, he lives with his family in Sulfur in Louisiana, and it was he alone who helped his mother to give birth to his little brother while his mom was in labor and was about to give birth to the new baby in the Fontenot family. It all started when Ashley was in her 34th week of pregnancy, and while she was in the bathroom she noticed something was wrong - her waters broke a month ahead of time!

In that complicated moment her partner was away on business and Jayden's little sister could not help out because she was only 11 months old; when his mother went into labor the 10-year-old boy ran out of the house and headed towards his grandmother's but she couldn't help because she couldn't move due to a recent surgery; it was at that moment that Jayden realized that he was going to have to help his mother give birth...


Fortunately, in the meantime the brave little boy managed to call 911 to get an ambulance to arrive as soon as possible while he supported his mother who was literally about to give birth at home, without warning. Ashley told all about the anxiety in that moment and the courage her son had shown: "When he got to the bathroom, he took a deep breath and said: 'OK, mom, just tell me what to do. ' He didn't look scared, he looked calm and brave and I said 'Ok, I'll tell you what to do, we need to get your brother out as fast as possible because right now he can't breathe well ... "

Jayden managed to get his little brother out by grasping him gently by the legs, but he still wasn't breathing well, so he had a brilliant idea: he cleaned the baby's nose thoroughly, ran into the kitchen to get his little sister's nasal aspirator and he placed it delicately on his newborn brother's face to make him breathe again. And it worked!



When help finally arrived, both the mother and the baby were rushed to the hospital but are now safe and sound; the doctors were very clear with Ashley: if Jayden hadn't been there at that moment to help her, he who knows what would have happened to her and her newborn child!

Dear Jayden, you are a hero!



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