He finds £ 110,000 in his account and the bank reassures him that he can spend it: 9 months later cthe bad news arrives... - WTVideo.com
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He finds £ 110,000 in his account and…
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He finds £ 110,000 in his account and the bank reassures him that he can spend it: 9 months later cthe bad news arrives...

November 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine receiving a large sum of money unexpectedly - your own money that you can spend however you want! A real piece of luck, don't you think? Imagine, then, that after a few months someone comes to tell you that there was a mistake with the deposit and that the money was not actually yours ... How big would the disappointment be? In addition to the fact that some excess spending due to the temporary availability of liquidity may have left you with a few debts to pay. unfortunately, all this happened to Russell Alexander, a 54-year-old man from Sutton, Norfolk (UK), who had received assurance from his own bank about the unexpected deposit which arrived in his account.

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The find has prompted some heated debate

Pubblicato da Liverpool Echo News su Giovedì 11 novembre 2021

Russell Alexander is a 54-year-old British handyman who suddenly had several large and unexplained payments sent to his bank account. The man called his bank, Barclays, several times to ask for information on all that money: within 9 months, the man had received several payments, arriving in total at 110,000 pounds! The bank had assured him that the money was "an old inheritance" and that he, an old and faithful customer of the bank, could spend the money in any way he saw fit. At that point, Russell decided to invest in his plans to open a B&B in a house that he had bought with the money from his separation, but which needed a lot of renovations.

The problem is that after 9 months of hope, effort and investment, the bank contacted the man again, apologizing for the tragic mistake: that money had been accidentally transferred to his account.

The bank, in addition to a formal apology, reimbursed Russell with £500 for the damage suffered - a proposal that disgusted the man, who, of course, had already spent a great deal of the money. "It didn't make sense that they transferred that money to me, but I double checked with the bank and an accountant: they all said it was mine and I could spend it. I've been a customer of the bank for 40 years and I'm disgusted that they treat their loyal customers like this," commented Russell, now floundering in a sea of debt: "After giving me nine months of false hope, their £500 payout is a total insult." 


Now the man will have to continue working for who knows how many more years just to repay the sum which he spent in trying to start a business.

And what would you have done in his place?


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