She lived in an orphanage all her life, got married and had 2 children: but then she returned there and adopted 6 more children -
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She lived in an orphanage all her life,…
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She lived in an orphanage all her life, got married and had 2 children: but then she returned there and adopted 6 more children

November 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There are some difficult situations in life that, no matter how hard we try to share them in the hope of being understood by those who love us, are difficult to understand if they have never been experienced firsthand. We are talking about traumas such as the loss of a loved one, being abused or having lived for a long time without a real family. Jessica Benzakein lived in an orphanage and knows what it's like waiting to be adopted. She is now an adult woman, she got married and had two children, but she has never forgotten the experiences of her childhood, or the institution which cared for her, so much so that she returned there determined to adopt some children. Today she is the mother to not only the two children she gave birth to ... but to eight children in total!

A heart-warming story that took place in the United States, where Jessica Benzakein decided to adopt children from the same orphanage that had hosted her when she was a child. Jessica knows what it means to be an orphan: at the age of 12 a social worker explained to her that her mother had given up her parental rights and that she should remain in an orphanage until she came of age. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happened, given that the older children of her age are often discarded and not even considered, at time, for adoption. At 18, Jessica went to college, but she will never forget the feelings of sadness she felt during any Christmasses or birthdays spent alone. 

Today Jessica no longer spends even a minute in that old loneliness, as she has a beautiful and very large family. Mindful of her past, the woman wanted to follow the path to adoption even though she had already had two biological children. In addition, she chose to adopt a family of six siblings so they wouldn't split up.

Jessica and her 8 children live in a big house, just like one that Jessica dreamed of when she lived in an orphanage, which could accommodate everyone perfectly.


Jessica had a much freer life before she became the mother of 8 children, she could sleep all weekend if she wanted to, but she realized that being the mother of these eight kids makes her much happier. Today the children are her purpose in life and she is delighted to have been able to adopt and to have had children biologically. None of them will ever spend a Christmas or a birthday alone again!

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