They won £1.7 million on the lottery but still lives in social housing: "Being rich doesn't make people better" -
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They won £1.7 million on the lottery…
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They won £1.7 million on the lottery but still lives in social housing: "Being rich doesn't make people better"

October 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine winning a big stack of money in the national lottery - how would you use all thise piles of cash? Would you use it to travel around the world or to buy yourself a new car? Would you spend it on luxury clothes or would you donate it to charity? There is no definitive or right answer to such a question, but the fact is that the woman we want to tell you about today has perhaps made one of the most prudent and modest choices after suddenly winning the national lottery ...

via: Metro UK

"The best thing we bought was the caravan in Cleethorpes."

Pubblicato da The Mirror su Venerdì 1 ottobre 2021

Her name is Trish Emson, she is 51 years old and back in October 2003 she won an amount equal to 1.7 million pounds; a truly remarkable nest egg which, however, did not radically change her life or the life of her family; both the woman and her husband Graham and her son Benjamin have always chosen to save their money and continue to live a modest life, without necessarily having to flaunt their sudden "monetary fortune".

Trish said: "Being rich doesn't make you elegant or a better person. I don't like to show off and brag about money and anyway I can't and I don't want to be elegant. Looking at me you would never say I'm a millionaire, but if I have to wear makeup or dress up in fancy clothes I feel fake, I prefer my jeans. We were very careful. I don't buy expensive cars, I have a Kia and I still shop at Primark. Basically the most expensive thing we bought was a caravan!"

In all the subsequent years, Benjamin continued to pursue his course of study, Graham continued to be a bricklayer, while Trish didn't abandon her previous job and the whole family still live under the same roof, on a social housing estate. After all, as the millionaire woman said, the best thing that happened to her in her life was not winning 1.7 million pounds in the lottery but discovering that she was finally pregnant after only five weeks after the unexpected win: "I would have returned all the money just to get pregnant. All I ever wanted was to have children. I had planned to have IVF so I was over the moon when I got pregnant. I really believe it was thanks to the lottery win that I got pregnant! " 


Despite the great fortune that happened to this beautiful family, they were able to keep their feet on the ground: congratulations! 


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