She gave up nursing her son long time ago but discovers that her mother-in-law does it secretly for him: mother goes on a rampage -
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She gave up nursing her son long time…
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She gave up nursing her son long time ago but discovers that her mother-in-law does it secretly for him: mother goes on a rampage

October 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The relationship between mother and mother-in-law has never been idyllic, especially when a newborn baby is involved; on the one hand there is certainly a very protective mother who wants to grow, nurture and educate her child herself, on the other hand there is the will of the mother-in-law, the legitimate grandmother of the child, who wants to try in every way to contribute to the sustenance and growth of the grandchild giving a hand to the new mother. Too bad that a lot of the time this situation can generate friction and tension between the two women, leading to really unpleasant situations...

via: Mirror UK

An anonymous woman told of her terrible experience with her mother-in-law on Reddit, saying that she showed up at her home three days after the baby was born but then disappeared for the next six months. Rather strange behavior for a mother-in-law and a grandmother who has just welcomed her first grandchild into the world, but the mother wanted to keep a calm relationship with her mother-in-law for the good of the family, for the health of the little one and out of respect for her husband. After six months, the woman came back inviting them to dinner at her house.

Here is what happened that evening that left the new mother shocked: "We went to my mother-in-law's house and she behaved in a really hateful and offensive way towards me. She practically tore the baby out of my hands twice and further told me that I was spoiling him too much for her tastes." Words that really offended the mother who in the meantime had decided to put the baby to bed to let him rest a bit while the adults would continue to have dinner. And it is precisely at that moment, after a few minutes, that the woman caught her mother-in-law in the act ...


When the baby's mother was returning to the bedroom to check that her son was sleeping, she witnessed a paralyzing scene: the mother-in-law was "breastfeeding" her grandson despite his advanced age and above all knowing that she had no breast milk that she could give to the little one, but it was rather as an act of defiance towards the daughter-in-law who "spoiled the grandson." Paralyzed by the scene, the woman initially decided not to say anything about the incident, above all in order not to disturb her husband, but then over time she realized how inappropriate and petty that behavior had been: "It made me very paranoid about leaving my son alone with my mother-in-law, so we agreed with my husband to keep the visits rather rare, very short and above all supervised!"

It goes without saying that all Reddit users who have read this anonymous story have sided with the mother, urging her to confront her mother-in-law once and for all about the unfortunate incident.

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