Mom defends her daughter who was bullied…
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Mom defends her daughter who was bullied at the pool because she was considered too fat: "We won't be seeing those bullies anymore"

October 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Bullying is a truly horrendous phenomenon, and it seems that no child, in their infancy or in adolescence, is immune to it. It may have happened to all of us when we were little or in our difficult teenage years, that we were teased and ridiculed by our schoolmates or our peers. Friendly teasing might be fine, but when it starts to become a frequent and mean practice, then it can be said to be outright bullying. The latter can emerge in various forms, both verbal and physical, and both can cause truly negative consequences for the victim ...

This story of the bullying of a girl deemed "too fat" was told in the first person by her mother Jade North, who recently posted a long post on Facebook where she vented all her anger and frustration over what had been perpetrated against her daughter. We let you ponder her own words: "I'm sick of people raising bad children. It's surprising to me that today's parents don't instill kindness in their children. They also justify their repugnant behavior by failing to correct it.
Today in the municipal swimming pool, my daughter and son were playing with toy sharks. Two kids her age swam over and immediately started grabbing the sharks. Being the kind person she is, my daughter told them they could join them. The other kids grabbed the sharks and went to play alone a few meters away. A few minutes later, I overheard them talking to her ... they just weren't talking, they were making fun of her because they thought she was ugly and fat."

Jade North continued her story with these words: "Our children learn from us. They learn from how we react. They learn from how we handle difficult situations. They learn from the lessons we teach them in these kinds of moments. Today my daughter has learned that I will always defend her. She learned that her mother will protect her at all costs, especially against bullies and their equally disgusting parents. Those kids in the pool have learned that no matter how wrong they are, there will never be consequences for their negative behavior. Which child do you think learned the most valuable lesson that day? Raise kind children so that the world is not responsible for your failures. And if you can't, get ready, because mothers like me will do it for you." 


What do you think of Mom Jade's outburst? Do you agree with her point of view? Tell us in the comments! 


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