She is in labor and her partner comes to hospital with an Xbox and starts playing while waiting for the birth -
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She is in labor and her partner comes…
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She is in labor and her partner comes to hospital with an Xbox and starts playing while waiting for the birth

September 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The moment of childbirth is one of the most important for a couple who have always wanted to have a baby all of their own; the anxiety of conception, the long wait of pregnancy, and then nine months that at first seem interminable but then pass quickly without one noticing, and here is the time to give birth to the baby. An extraordinary moment that, however, can be "ruined" by the people who surround the mother in labor, just as happened to this woman who's story has been around the web.

via: The Sun UK

It all started when Haydee went into labor and immediately had to be admitted to a hospital room awaiting the fateful moment of delivery; everything seemed to be going perfectly, only then the young woman noticed some rather strange behavior on the part of her partner: her partner Scott, the future father of the child who was about to come into the world, had attached his Xbox to TV in the hospital room and was playing a video game with headphones in his ears so as not to disturb his partner in labor and other hospital patients with the sounds of the video game.

The image was captured by Haydee's smartphone and published on her TikTok profile, going around the world, among users who were divided in their reactions to this scene: among those who think that the issue is all hype to receive more views and likes from followers, and those instead who defined the boy's behavior as decidedly disrespectful if that whole scene hadn't been a hoax.

In the very short video posted on TikTok, Haydee asks her partner to turn off that damn TV and stop playing on his Xbox, as she was sure that by doing so she would lose the memories of one of the most exciting moments in a mom and dad's life; the man, apparently completely unconcerned, replied to his mother in labor: "One second, another game and I'll stop, I promise!"

The fact is that this tale has done nothing but irritate viewers, split between those who claim that everything was stages and those who instead strongly condemned Scott's attitude towards his partner who was about to bring his child into the world. And you, on which side would you come down?


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