"Do your job": he asks his wife to hurry up and prepare dinner for the guests, she leaves the kitchen

Alison Forde

September 23, 2021


There is still a long, long way to go so that the role of women is finally equated with that of men in society; many people still have a way of thinking that is too conservative, too tied to the traditions, questionable views from the past in which the woman must take exclusive care of the children, clean the house and prepare food for her family, while it is the man the head of the family who leaves home every day to go to work. Nothing could be more wrong and antiquated, but unfortunately many women are still living in roles which impinge on their dignity...

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An anonymous woman on Reddit wanted to tell her experience to other web users, asking for advice and asking them if she was in the wrong or if it was her husband and mother-in-law who were too conservative. It all happened during a dinner at home where the woman's husband had guests and urged his wife to prepare food for them by staying in the kitchen without ever leaving it except to bring dishes to the table. As the anonymous woman said, her husband, as well as her mother-in-law, have rather conservative ideas about the role of the woman in the house, but on that occasion the man seemed to have exceeded all limits: "My husband cleans while I cook, but he tends to complain from time to time and sometimes utter a few sentences that are a reflection of how he was raised by his mother. I understand this since he was raised by her and unfortunately he's struggling to change this mentality. But, that evening, while I was preparing dinner in a way he found too slow, he told me: "Just do your job."

I couldn't put up with any more and I turned off the oven. He was freaking out saying 'no no, wait, what are you doing?' as I took off my apron. I said I don't need him to tell me how to "do my job" and that he should do the cooking too if he thought I was "slow."

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The argument between husband and wife continued for another two hours, between meals only half brought to the table and guests who ate only part of what the head of the family had "promised". But his wife, embittered by that insensitive order, had decided to turn off the oven and not touch anything further in the kitchen that evening, refusing to serve the guests rather than obey orders as if she were a slave. The result was that he called his wife "wicked".

In such an absurd situation, who would you agree with? Is it the husband and his conservative ideas about the female figure or to the anonymous woman who wanted to vent on Reddit by asking others if she had acted correctly?