This girl stopped shaving completely: "Sometimes people mistake me for a man" -
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This girl stopped shaving completely:…
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This girl stopped shaving completely: "Sometimes people mistake me for a man"

September 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We live in a society in which women and men are imposed standards of beauty and exterior care that most people now take for granted. In fact, no one would ever question the fact that a man has to shave much more rarely while women are expected to be perfect as they are, but without body hair. If you think about it, this convention is only the result of the constructs of our society, no one has ever put into writing as a law that a woman cannot choose to live her femininity with a few extra hairs!

via: The Sun UK

Meet Bethany Burgoyne, a woman who has decided to challenge society's established rules and established beauty standards by voluntarily letting hair grow on her body; the woman says that she started this path of self-acceptance at the age of 27; before then she had always shaved, but then she decided to throw conventions and prejudices out of the window: "Thanks to the path I have taken I understand that we can be the person we want to see in the mirror; for me, that reflection was of a woman who had hair on her body and was proud to show it! " 

Bethany revealed that, since she stopped shaving, many people call her "man" but this has never discouraged her, so much so that during the worst period of the Covid-19 pandemic and during the lockdown, the woman has also had time to grow a little beard on her chin, in defiance of convention! 


With this radical choice, Bethany Burgoyne wants to inspire other women of her age (but also more mature women) to take her path with conviction: it is not a question of voluntarily growing hair on one's body, but of putting aside prejudices and the unspoken rules that chain the female figure in Western society; every woman has the right to feel comfortable with her body, whether people criticize us or not.

Whether Bethany's choice is the right thing for others or not, it must be said that this 30-year-old woman had the courage to fight in her own way the contradictions of the society in which we all live, giving women of all ages a model to inspire them and with which to fight against gender prejudices and the invisible chains of tradition.

In spite of everything, well done Bethany!



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