"Women who don't lose weight after childbirth…
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"Women who don't lose weight after childbirth are the cause of divorce": the words from this man ignite debate

September 16, 2021 • By Alison Forde

A Hungarian fitness guru has been inundated with criticism after having an unhappy outing during a live broadcast on social media. The man said that women are responsible for divorce in most cases because they cannot get back in shape after giving birth. You got it right: for Norbert Schobert, it's normal if men no longer feel attraction for their wives after giving birth and it's only the fault of the latter who refuse to commit to losing "20 to 30 kg"; avoiding this "disastrous problem" is their duty: they are obliged to get back in shape!

A decidedly sexist and rarely supported theory, which has met with fierce criticism from the internet and beyond.

via: The Mirror

Hungarian fitness guru Norbert Schobert has been shot down in flames, perhaps in an attempt to blow up the debate and grab some notoriety. Let's say that the forty-eight year old has succeeded in full, but at the same time he has not managed to make a good impression in the eyes of internet viewers.

His statements leave no room for misunderstanding: "Women's skin becomes disgusting after childbirth," he said before advising all new mothers to lose weight if they still wish to have a fulfilling relationship with their partner. Strong words, with which the man, married and father of three children, persistently continued: "Men should not be blamed for not loving their women anymore if they don't take the trouble to lose 20 to 30 kilos after having had a baby ".

Many have responded to this macho vision with strong criticism, arguing that a woman, if she wants to lose weight, must do it for herself and certainly not to satisfy her partner. Even celebrities from the show have called on users to boycott Schobert-promoted fitness products, while Coca-Cola Hungary has published a poster depicting different bottle shapes with the caption: "If you love them, you want them in every form #loveyourbody". For now, Norbert Schobert's public apology is yet to come, even after several critical responses.

What do you think of his statements?


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