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He is mocked after posting the photo…
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He is mocked after posting the photo of his newborn with his wife: the child's skin is "too light"

October 14, 2021 • By Alison Forde

He has a crowd of followers who follow his wife's pregnancy, labor pains and, ultimately, childbirth. This couple live a life without secrets and have allowed thousands of people participate in a very intimate event such as the birth of a child. This enthusiastic new dad, who is very active on social media, certainly didn't expect any aggressive and contemptuous comments following the birth of little Noah. The newborn, in fact, appears to have a much whiter skin than his parents and this has sparked a flurry of sarcastic and racist comments.

Marcos Davis is a 30-year-old preacher who is very active on social networks. When Débora, his wife, announced the arrival of a child, his enthusiasm skyrocketed. From that moment, the couple decided that they would have all of the husband's followers follow all the stages of Débora's pregnancy. For those who are parents, Marcos' excitement is understandable in seeing and photographing the developments in the pregnancy every day and following the great spectacle of life step by step.

Followers were constantly updated on all stages of the baby's development and Marcos expected that they would behave with the same enthusiasm when they saw baby Noah come into the world.

Yet things didn't pan out this way. To his surprise and annoyance, some internet users - when they looked at the first photos of the newborn - found only one subject for comment: the color of the child's skin which, according to them, was too light compared to that of his parents.

There have been many of the father's internet followers making fun jokes that the child's true father might not be Marcos Davis and, as if that weren't enough, there were even those who advised Marcos to deny fathering the newborn because - according to their reasoning - it was obviously not his.


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