An 8-year-old boy refuses to do his homework, so the desperate mom turns to the police -
An 8-year-old boy refuses to do his…
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An 8-year-old boy refuses to do his homework, so the desperate mom turns to the police

September 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What do you do when your child has no intention of doing their homework? There are parents who, after a few quarrels and a raised voice, manage to be heard and those who, on the other hand, find no other solution than to go to the police for help. It happened in Argentina, in the municipality of Santa Sylvina, where Rebecca, a desperate mother, went to the police station because her 8-year-old son, Braian, categorically refused to do the homework assigned to him at school: a somewhat unusual solution which, however, has had its positive effects.

Let's imagine that Rebecca no longer knew what to do with her son, who refused to do his homework, when she turned to the nearest police station. Raising a child is not easy and there may very well be times when you don't know exactly what to do in order to be listened to and obeyed. Braian's mother, Rebecca, had to ask cops for help in an attempt to get her son to behave like a good child and do his homework. Unexpectedly, the policemen, after understanding the story of little Braian, took up the "homework" operation and convinced the child to study. 

Maybe it's because the police uniform is a little scary, or maybe that the encouragement to study didn't come from his mother, but little Braian has done all his homework!

After solving this case, the agents told Braian to always listen to mom and dad, without throwing too many tantrums. After that, the captain, the sergeant and other police officers decided to raise a collection to buy school supplies and shoes for Braian and the woman's other children.


As the policemen themselves communicated, these are the gestures that strengthen the bond between the police and the local community. The police are tasked with protecting citizens from imminent dangers, but also helping and serving society in ways that seem, at first glance, to be so far removed from the usual work done by officers. For sure Braian seems to have learned his lesson!


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