This grandfather demands to be paid by his daughter to look after his granddaughter -
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This grandfather demands to be paid…
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This grandfather demands to be paid by his daughter to look after his granddaughter

September 08, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Grandparents are truly one of the greatest blessings in our life. Undoubtedly, one of their greatest strengths is the ability to see only our best side, encouraging us to pursue our goals with more determination, especially when our parents have been unable to do so. In fact, although sometimes our dreams may seem a little extravagant to them, our grandparents will always be in the front row cheering for us, confident in our talent and our abilities.

We can say that being a grandparent is almost like an unpaid job, after all which grandfather would ever ask to be paid to play this beautiful role? If spontaneously we would have to answer "absolutely nobody", in reality, there is a grandfather who, incredibly, was able to go against the tide. We are talking about the father of a woman, a Mumsnet user, who took his "grandfather's job" literally and asked his daughter to be paid to look after her granddaughter.

via: Mumsnet
image: pixabay

Although she had wondered several times why her father insisted on staying with his granddaughter, the woman didn't seem to be too suspicious. Then, on an unexpected day, she saw him get up from the couch, as he told her very confidently that he would go to the bank to collect his "salary". With an astonished gaze, the woman asked her father what money he was referring to, and she would never have expected such a disconcerting answer.

It seems incredible to believe, but the girl's father wanted to be paid to look after his granddaughter, regardless of the fact that his daughter would be very upset. Disappointed and embittered, in fact, the woman vented through a post on Mumsnet: "I'd rather he doesn't spend time with her if he doesn't do it with pleasure and wants to be paid." The daughter's reaction seems legitimate, after all, it is normal for the woman to want a loving grandfather for her daughter, interested only in the happiness of his granddaughter.

image: pixabay

In addition to seeking support, the woman turned to Mumsnet users in search of other's experiences, hoping that she and her daughter were not the only ones to find themselves in such a situation: "How involved are your parents with your children? I am very disappointed in my father".

After reading the post, some users tried to reassure the woman, claiming that, for them, her father was just joking and that she was unable to see the humor. On the contrary, others were quite shocked and labeled the grandfather's proposal as absurd and inconceivable.

Undoubtedly, the protagonist of this story completely has moved away from the "stereotype" of the always available and slefless grandfather we are used to. Was it really all a huge misunderstanding or was this grandfather really serious?

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