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A bartender borrows a massive umbrella…
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A bartender borrows a massive umbrella from the restaurant to escort a customer home in the rain

August 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

They call it customer care. And it's not always easy to find in every place dedicated to welcoming "customers". Knowing how to welcome your customers, taking care to guarantee them the best experience from your business - whether it's a restaurant, a gym or a grocery store - should be the norm, but the reality is that many managers have no idea what customer care consists of.

Sometimes the care for the customer is demonstrated through unexpected, unplanned gestures, dictated only by the good manners that the staff have. This was the case in a Dublin café. When incessant rain started to fall from the sky, the barman didn't think twice about making sure a customer in a wheelchair got to his house dry. How? By detaching an umbrella from the outdoor patio.

via: Irish Post

This happened at The Pines Cafe Bar in Dublin, Ireland. The clientele were relaxing by spending time in the venue when a heavy downpour began outside. Outgoing customers took cover as best they could by running to their cars, but a disabled customer on an electric scooter was obviously in trouble.

Fortunately, that day on shift there was Frankie, the bartender at the place. He didn't think twice about doing what he could to get that customer home dry, just like everyone else.

Frankie went outside the bar, took the patio umbrella and escorted the man to his house, getting him home dry and without difficulty.

The scene was really touching, to the point that some colleagues decided to film Frankie walking alongside the customer holding the giant umbrella in place.

It was one of those scenes that bring you back a little hope for mankind, when we are so often disappointed by people who are unhelpful or even hostile. The video was posted on Twitter and attracted more than 600,000 views: the people who viewed the video complimented the bartender Frankie for making a simple gesture that is undoubtedly special for the customer with mobility problems.

Sometimes it takes very little to make a difference in customer care, such as taking an umbrella from the patio to shelter a customer from the rain!



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