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A mom falls in love with her son's 16-year-old…
He gives a bouquet of flowers to his ex to thank her for being the mother of his children: and is laughed at by people of the internet

A mom falls in love with her son's 16-year-old friend: they have now been happily married for over 10 years

August 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Love is a feeling that knows no boundaries, race, color, obstacles and not even age difference. The important thing is to have this great feeling for each other and to shout it out to the world with firmness and pride, even if maybe some sometimes many people, even those who are closest to us, are opposed to this feeling or to our relationship. Despite everything, love is an emotion that is always worth fighting for, if this emotion is sincere and reciprocated in the same way.

via: Mirror UK

This is the story of Marilyn Buttigieg and William Smith, a close-knit couple from West Sussex who have been happily married since 2009, but there is however a small "problem": she is now 60 years old, while he has just turned 31, a significant age difference that in the years preceding their marriage but also in the subsequent ones, has created many problems for the couple, especially as regards relationships with friends, relatives and colleagues.

Marilyn, mother of seven children, first met William in June 2006, when her son had brought him home as a classmate, from that moment until 2009, the mature woman and the boy, then just a teenager, dated first as friends, then they realized they were made for each other ...

When Marilyn and William realized that they had fallen madly in love, they decided to take another step of great courage: not only did they officially reveal their relationship to relatives, friends and colleagues, but they also decided to get married three years after they had met for the first time; since that moment, the two have been practically inseparable happy couple, who have given up many areas of their life in order to be together.

The fact is that Marilyn had a quarrel with her closest relatives because of her relationship with William; of the seven children she had, only one didn't disagree with her choice, while the others constantly mocked her for having decided to enter into a "wrong" relationship with a boy who, at the time, was 31 years younger than her and was one of her son's best friends ...


But despite everything, Marilyn and William have been together since 2009, they are happily married and look back on everything they had to go through to ensure that their genuine relationship would not falter. The couple still do not regret having taken this courageous decision despite the age difference. They know that their feelings are very strong and mutual and when love knocks on your door with so much strength and passion, you can not help but welcome it in!

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