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He gives a bouquet of flowers to his…
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He gives a bouquet of flowers to his ex to thank her for being the mother of his children: and is laughed at by people of the internet

August 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's not easy to deal with a love affair that runs out and which you are aware will not be enduring; when we start to think about how much in previous years we have spent in time and energy to make a sentimental relationship work with the other person, we cannot fail to think that perhaps we have failed in something. But we must not despair: even the end, inevitable or not, of an important raltionship is a great life lesson that we can take forward into the future.

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To think that this man was harshly criticized for having given a beautiful bouquet of flowers to his ex-partner on her birthday. In reality this gesture, as the same man pointed out in a post on Facebook, was not to get closer to her, nor an attempt at a blatant gesture to be at the center of her attention, far from it!

Billy Flynn himself explains his reason on Facebook: "Today is my ex-wife's birthday. I got up early and went to buy her some flowers and a birthday card. I helped my children to make her a good breakfast. Some people laugh at me because I keep doing all this, even though the story between us is long over. I'll write once and for all why I do it.

I'm trying to best raise my two little men. How they see women and love will depend on how I treat their mother. In my case, the teaching I try to give them is even more direct, because the two of us are divorced."

The post then continues with these words: "So if you feel that you are not setting the right example for your children, stop and do everything to make it right. You must always be an example for them. It's very important. Please try to raise good men, raise strong women. The world needs them, now more than ever! "

Billy's words make us think; although he's been divorced for some time from his wife, the latter will never cease to be the loving mother of their two children; the mother of his children, even though she is no longer a part of his daily life, is still one of the most important people in his life, and for this reason she deserves enormous respect. Even simply saying "Thank you" for all that she has done by raising her children with a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Bravo Billy!

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