She refused to go to her sister's wedding because it would cost her £800 a day -
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She refused to go to her sister's wedding…
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She refused to go to her sister's wedding because it would cost her £800 a day

August 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The wedding day turns out to be one of the most important days of their relationship for many couples, as well as of their life. Many women load their wedding day with meaning, imagining themselves as the undisputed protagonists of that whole day and raising everyone's expectations in search of the "perfect celebration". The truth is that it is very difficult to be able to organize a perfect wedding, especially if outrageous requests start pouring in during the preparation phase. And it was a quite unlikely the request from a bride which forced her guests to pay for a luxury stay in the location where the celebration was supposed to be held. Faced with the staggering price tag (£800 a night!), the bride's sister refused to attend. As you can imagine, a fierce family discussion has broken out.

The bride's sister said the wedding would take place in a castle-like hotel, very expensive and very far from everything and everyone. Suffice it to say that the daily rate for each couple was around £800, with an extra £200 for adding single beds for their children. In short, the poor sister would have had to pay something like £800 just to stay overnight in the luxurious hotel - a sum the woman could not afford. Going bankrupt in order to be present at a relative's wedding is not exactly the most desirable choice in the world, yet the bride seems to have taken it very badly.

The bride accused her sister of being insensitive and of not having her happiness at heart. Furthermore, she also accused her of never having been thrilled with her relationship, which is why she, now, was sabotaging her marriage.

The truth, though, is that attending such a wedding would have been very onerous: "Who would force their guests to pay that much? That's ridiculous. It's her wedding, not yours, so you don't have to pay that much." is the comment shared by some users who responded to the woman's story. Moreover, the bride wanted to force everyone to stay in this luxurious and enchanting hotel, since the morning after the ceremony, they would all have to wake up at 8 in the morning for a photo shoot. "My husband and I can't afford it, it's a huge expense. My sister said we were unreasonable" the woman said, continuing the complaint: "She told me it's her wedding, an event that happens only once in her life, and that I should do it for her. I told her I couldn't." Clearly, the bride's reaction was not the calmest.

One wonders if, with these assumptions, her bride and husband mightnot find themselves alone on their wedding day and on the morning of the photo shoot.

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