Farmer can't find workers willing to…
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Farmer can't find workers willing to harvest his fruit and loses a $50 million crop

July 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It has never been easy or immediate for a young person to enter the world of work, for one reason or another, and nowadays the issue seems to have gotten considerably worse. In many countries, the pandemic caused by Covid-19 has further reduced the future employees choices, and people in need of a job will accept unfavorable conditions in order to earn something. The surprising thing, however, is when an entrepreneur is looking for personnel and can't find a single soul to hire for his project. Why is there so much "hunger" for work and, at the same time, these discrepancies are created? There can be various reasons of course, starting with the salary proposed by the company. A farmer named Ricardo Range, however, accuses state subsidies of being too competitive with market wages: he himself lost a $50 million crop because he couldn't find workers to harvest it.

via: La Nacion

A farmer from Eldorado, in the province of Misiones, Argentina, was left in despair when he found out he would have to abandon an entire crop of 1.5 million kilos of lemons and 200,000 kilos of oranges because he failed to find anyone who wanted to work and carry out in the citrus harvest. For him, the economic damage was considerable: $50 million thrown to the four winds!

According to Ricardo and other colleagues, seasonal work such as citrus harvesting is now despised because of the state incentives that many unemployed people receive. In other words, the unemployed can gain more from these subsidies than from manual labor, every day.

When someone is hired, Ricardo explained, he loses his money from the state completely and, to apply for the same social securuty payments again, once seasonal work is finished, he has to wait a long time. In a nutshell, Ricardo, and those who like him rely heavily on seasonal labor, accusethe state, not too subtly, of setting possible candidates against him. There are certainly people in the world who are lazy and not very dedicated to work, who believe they can get by on their cunning, but there are also many cases of exploitation, in which responsibility must sit also and above all with the employers. In the case of Ricardo Range, we only know that, for the current year, the man has failed to reap the rewards of his labor. What's your opinion on the matter? Let us know in the comments!

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