15 photos that demonstrate how perfection…
She gave birth to a baby without any warning: A maid bursts into tears when she finds out that she has been given a penthouse in the condominium where she's worked for 20 years

15 photos that demonstrate how perfection can be found within everyone's reach and on the most unexpected occasions

July 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There is an innate perfectionist in all of us. Nobone likes to live in a house that's completely dirty and messy, none of us especially want to admire a panorama, a glimpse or a corner of this world that doesn't respect the minimum rules of symmetry, of perfection in a nutshell. The reality is that these feelings that we consider "innate" unite us all, and it is for this reason that we have selected for you some of the most curious and stunning photographic shots that testify how perfection can be seen in the most unthinkable corners and most surprising moments in our life. And when this little miracle takes place when we least expect it, we can't help but immortalize it with a photo shoot!

A banana of practically perfect proportions

 It's impossible to find a straighter one!

A cute home welcome rug that fits perfectly on the floor tiles!

 Is it pure coincidence or was it all calculated?


A watermelon perfectly halved!

 Have you ever managed to make the cut like this or are you still dreaming about it?

The unparalleled beauty of ligt split into it's rainbow constituents

 A photo shot from inside the school science laboratory!

Perfectly symmetrical piles of oranges and bananas...

All that's missing is a chaotic chase scene to make them all fall ruinously to the ground! 


My first attempt at ratatouille

 What do you say, a successful experiment?

I just finished mowing my lawn ...

 I was precise down to the millimeter in mowing the grass outside my house!


A photographic shot born of a memorable coincidence

 This tree lined up almost perfectly with the image reflected in the rearview mirror of my car - just wow!

A photo taken inside a Toronto subway station

Do you also notice a certain harmony of the shapes and colors of the floor? 


The Moon and its natural wonders

A photo taken in the right place at the right time, don't you think? 

An ice cream that looks like it came out of a cartoon

 The shape of the ice-cream that rises above the cone is so perfect that it doesn't seem real!

It just rained on the roof of my van ...

 I couldn't help but take a close-up photograph of these drops of water to distributed in a perfect pattern!

Probably the most symmetrical and perfect slices of bread we have ever seen in our life

This is a photograph for hardened perfectionists! 

A particularly satisfying work of street art in the eyes of those who admire it ...

image: Reddit

 Here's how the manholes on our streets could be redesigned, with a lot of artistic flair and a lot of imagination!

Perfect alignment!

 It takes genius and intuition to take such a photograph, yet here it is, satisfying our innate perfectionist streak!


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