This boy has just graduated in physics at only 11 years old -
This boy has just graduated in physics…
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This boy has just graduated in physics at only 11 years old

July 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We have already known for a long time that there are people with an IQ that is far above the average, but a story like that of Laurent Simons goes far beyond this. Laurent is 11 years old and already has a degree in physics. That's right, what for many students twice his age is a tiring and, at times, almost unattainable goal, was "a walk" in the park for him. Little Laurent had already shown in the past his great intelligence and ability to read and memorize, completing his high school studies at just 8 years old. At that age, we were still in elementary school and, probably, we were still struggling with fractions ... Laurent, on the other hand, at the age of 11 graduated with honors in physics. The milestone came at 11 and not 10, just because the child was initially enrolled in another university that refused to allow him to graduate at such a young age.

Laurent Simons had enrolled at the University of Eindhoven, in the Netherlands, to obtain a degree in electronic engineering, a path that unfortunately was never completed due to a dispute that arose with the management of the Dutch university. Laurenti had already graduated at the age of 8 and a half at the Saint-Jozef Humaniora high school in Bruges, while his degree in physics arrived shortly after, from the University of Antwerp, also in Belgium. The child seems really advanced in his studies, so much so that he has already completed new courses related to a master's degree and now he intends to continue with a doctorate in physics, until he becomes a researcher. His IQ is very high (145) and for many he will be the "new Einstein". Laurent, in fact, can read and remember a 300-page physics tome even in a single afternoon: he's not surprised that it took him so little time to complete his studies!

He would like to devote himself to the creation of artificial organs, so that people can live longer: "So my grandparents could stay with me longer" said the thoughtful boy.

"If one day I invent something" said little Laurent "I will put it at the service of everyone, on the internet". For an 11-year-old boy he already has quite clear ideas, but he admits he has other plans as well. We don't find this hard to believe, considering his abilities and his natural curiosity.


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