They find a wounded monkey: what the X-ray reveals is shocking ! -
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They find a wounded monkey: what the…
From the outside it looks like a normal house, but what's inside will leave you speechless! She pours vinegar in the kitchen sink: what happens next is brilliant!

They find a wounded monkey: what the X-ray reveals is shocking !

January 27, 2015 • By Robert Maggi
Although many organizations around the world stand up for the preservation of wildlife, poachers are still very active due to the growing demand for animals in the black market. The monkey you see in this video has been involved in an ambush, but have not taken it away and left her alone dying. Besides being dehydrated and having a broken arm, the X-ray examination revealed something shocking: someone fired and some bullets were still in its body. Fortunately, according to veterinarians it'll be fine.


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