They find $5,000 inside a diaper bag: the couple return it to the rightful owners -
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They find $5,000 inside a diaper bag:…
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They find $5,000 inside a diaper bag: the couple return it to the rightful owners

July 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Losing personal effects or a wallet loaded with very important documents and banknotes always brings us a blow to the heart and many, many questions: now what has become of it? Has someone stolen it? Have they already taken all my money? Where did I have lose it? Losing our most essential documents in an instant, without us noticing it, can be a very big problem, unless a kind-hearted person notices your lost wallet and returns it to you ...

In a similar situation, a Vietnamese couple found themselves on vacation in the United States; while visiting an exhibition of Christmas lights, the couple carelessly lost a diaper bag inside which was the woman's wallet and 5,000 dollars in cash; now how would they have gotten home without that money and those important documents?

Luckily that day they were not alone: Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui were also visiting the Christmas exhibition, when they suddenly turned around and noticed that bag without an owner: would the owner come back for it?

The two waited for the rightful owner to return to collect their effects, but nothing; Gabriel and Gabriela tried to find documents that could link them to the owners of the contents inside, but all the writings were in Vietnamese, therefore impossible to understand. The two took the bag home, convinced that by doing a search on Facebook they would be able to trace the owners; in the end, that discovery that saved them ...

Inside the bag was a hidden pocket that contained all the documents they needed to finally contact the rightful owners: names, phone numbers, addresses.


The next day they contacted the Vietnamese couple and organized a meeting to return the bag: the rightful owners could not believe that someone with a kind heart had taken care of the contents inside and contacted them; other less honest people wouldn't have thought twice and would have undoubtedly taken the $5,000 cash in a flash; but with Gabriel and Gabriela it was not like that and all is well what ends well! 

 A story that shows us once again that despite everything, honesty always pays off!


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