He walks 17 miles a day to go to work:…
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He walks 17 miles a day to go to work: a stranger offers him a ride and changes his life

June 25, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It's the small gestures that make the difference and, often, we don't realize how important our help can be for a stranger. Gestures that we consider simple can actually change someone else's life. If you have the opportunity to help, why not do it? Kindness will save this world, but you have to start step by step. Michael Lynn is one of those people who did not hesitate to reach out to a stranger who was in trouble. The man was in his car when he saw a young man walking shirtless in the sun along the side of the road, and he thought it would be a good idea to ask him if he needed a ride. The young man gladly accepted the ride offered and told Michael his story. From this simple meeting, a chain of solidarity began which resulted in a fundraiser and the beginning of a splendid friendship.

"Do you need a ride?" Michael asked the young man named Donte Franklin. "Yes, sir!" was the prompt response from the barely 20-year-old, clearly struggling on a particularly sultry day. Donte was walking under the sun to go to work, but having no means of transport, he was forced to travel 17 miles a day, on foot. Having very specific shifts, Donte knew he had to leave home at least 3 hours early in order to get their on time - and he had never been late for work!. Michael was very impressed with the young man's willpower and work ethic, so much so that he wanted to continue giving him a hand. sharing his story on social media.

Donte works as a chef at the "Buffalo Wild Wings" restaurant, located on the other side of town from his home. The young man walks every day for hours, with a spare T-shirt or, in case of extreme heat, even without a shirt, and then puts on his chef uniform once he arrives at the restaurant. Since he has been working, he has never been late even once. His dedication is great, despite his fatigue: Donte walks a total of 5 hours a day, regardless of the hours he spends working.

Michael found that the boy didn't even have any money to grab a bite, so he gave him $20 as he listened with interest to his story.


Donte lost his mom when he was only 16 and his life has been tougher than usual ever since. He's only 20 years old but he knows he has to work hard to build his future and to provide for the rest of his family. Michael wanted to help him by sharing his story and opening a fundraising page in order to get him a car. Michael's post went viral and Donte's story spread across the internet. Many people showed their solidarity by donating a sum to the cause and, in a short time, the page raised about 31,000 dollars! Before buying a car Donte has to take his license exam, but in the meantime someone has given him a bicycle to help him speed up his daily journey.

Thanks to the actions of a stranger, this boy's life has begun to take a better turn. All this was possible thanks to a kind gesture: what are you waiting for to help others?


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