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20 optical illusions that will fool…
He builds a raft to save the nest of two unfortunate swans: He almost misses out on his graduation ceremony because he doesn't have the right shoes: a teacher lends him his

20 optical illusions that will fool your eyes perfectly

June 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Don't worry, your eyesight is fine. There is no need to run to your ophthalmologist to find out if there is something wrong with your eyes, you are simply the victim of what can be considered optical illusions, of the jokes our brain plays with our visual faculty so that they convince us that they have seen one thing rather than another. When this curious and often funny phenomenon happens, we can enjoy seeing things in a different way.

To make you realize how often optical illusions creep into our existence, here we have selected for you some of the strangest and most incredible photographs that will make you exclaim: "What have I just seen!". Trust us, this will be a unique optical challenge!

The tree was brought down due to a very strong hurricane

Yet, by turning this photo around, everything looks fine and the large trunk appears perfectly vertical!

My sister looks like a female Centaur

image: Reddit

Although it would be nice to live in a mythological world, here the optical illusion is created by the dog that has sneaked up behind!


Give a title to this photo

We would call it "Free fall with optical illusion": try looking at it from the other side!

Do you like the art of crochet?

image: Reddit

This bed cover will short-circuit your brain and eyes - it seems three-dimensional!

What if we reveal to you that there is only one person in this photo?

Take a closer look: that is not a man intent on swimming in the sea, but the hand of the person in the shot who is holding a sea urchin on his palm!


But how beautiful, they both came to greet me at the front door ...

Too bad that in this photo shoot it almost looks like they came out of an experiment!

But where is the body of this little dog that's in such a hurry?

All thanks to the photographic lens that immortalized him: in the moment of his jump, it almost seems that he was left with just his face and his tail!


Yes, this one is an optical illusion with all the trimmings ...

And we assure you that the dog in this image is alive and well!

The girl hadn't planned to go to the beach in that dress

Also because it blends perfectly with the pebbles on the beach!


A photographic image at dusk of poetic beauty ...

The outline of the coast with the islet is reminiscent of a violin, don't you think?

But did we just see a really long-necked dog?

But no, take a closer look ...

This looks like a scene out of a horror movie ...

But it's just a friendly photograph!

Help me find this little girl's skirt!

She's perfectly camouflaged against the road: simply amazing!

This man does not have the gift of walking on water like Jesus

image: ppppie/Reddit

He's simply standing on the surface of a frozen lake: the optical illusion is amazing!

Our compliments, nice head!

Wait a minute, what did we just see?

We refuse to believe that there are four people in this photograph!

Wait everyone!

image: Reddit

Look at that little girl's legs: are you sure it's reality or is it a strange trick of your brain?

An image which needs more than one look...

Do you also see a dog's face with a lot of eyes and a muzzle? Try zooming in on the photograph and you will be surprised ...

Three friends in a canoe exploring a huge iceberg

image: Reddit

Or not: an optical illusion entirely created directly from the (frozen) dashboard of a car!

Nice legs Sir!

We only have one question for you: who exactly do they belong to?


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