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He's raising his daughter alone after…
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He's raising his daughter alone after her mom abandoned them: a super sweet super dad

June 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being a parent is the best job a human being can have in life. Seeing a child being born, or adopting one, raising them, taking care of them and then finally seeing them grow up is an emotional experience that is priceless. Usually, the job of parenting is shared by two people who play the fundamental roles of mother or father, but what happens if one of the two leaves the newly created family unit one month after the birth of the baby?

Life of Dad, My name is Richard Johnson, and I'm a single father to a beautiful little girl named Persephone. Her...

Pubblicato da Life of Dad su Martedì 10 novembre 2015

Many parents don't seem to really care about the fate of their unborn child, they are frightened of the enormous responsibility that lies with them and some even run away from the family unit, leaving the partner and the newborn baby to take care of themselves. This is the situation in which Richard Johnson found himself, a father who in 2015 saw his first daughter come to light, a beautiful girl named Persephone.

Too bad that, only a month from the birth of the child, her mother decided to abandon the family, for no apparent reason...

Even today Richard hasn't quite understood the reason behind his ex-partner's abandonment of thier relationship and her daughter, but it seems that postpartum depression played a fundamental role. Richard told all of this in a moving and emotional post on the Life of Dad Facebook page, where he recounted his experience of suddenly becoming a single dad and how the community of web users helped him considerably in knowing how to care for Persephone when she was still a few months old ...


In all this, as father Richard said, the man also had to face the vicissitudes of a delicate surgery on his daughter Persephone, since it seemed that one of the "holes in her heart" (patent foramen ovale in scientific terms) had not completely closed before birth; a risky operation which, however, was successful!

Just one month after the surgery, Richard Johnson dedicated some touching and spectacular words to his daughter, his only reason for living, his true sweetheart: "They say that the child learns from the parent, yet I feel that I am learning more from you than you ever can from me. I look at you and I can't help but feel that everything will be alright. Someday I'll give you the world, miss. I'll work to exhaustion to make it happen. Anything you want will be yours, rest assured. You deserve it, Persephone! "

And now, Richard Johnson is no longer alone, as he has finally met a woman who made him very happy and who loves his little girl madly. His new partner is called Jennifer and, as the man said, she now behaves like a real mother to Persephone; a maternal figure that the little girl has always missed, but who she is now starting to learn to love ...

A beautiful story with a happy ending; at first this dad had no idea how he would manage his family without the help of the little girl's mother, but then the love for his daughter and the solidarity of the web users helped him grow into a model parent, ready to make huge sacrifices for his little girl!

And who wouldn't!

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