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A neighbor threatens to denounce the…
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A neighbor threatens to denounce the mother of an autistic child: "They sing and laugh too loud!"

June 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

You need to leave other people's children be. Although our little ones can have more or less lively characters, it is absolutely not written anywhere that they should be scolded in a harsh way by strangers because they are perhaps too noisy, or unintentionally disturb the quiet of the neighborhood. Imagine then if children with "special needs" are involved, who may not even realize that they might be annoying anyone ...

The mother of a 15-year-old boy vented her rage on Twitter when she told readers about the bad experience she had and continues to have with one of her neighbors. Her name is Marta, the teenager is called Edu and he is an autistic boy who, as the woman says, "is a child trapped in the body of a giant."

The mother says that Edu likes to sing Christmas songs at the top of his lungs all day and loves to have huge laughs in front of the TV in the company of his films and cartoons that he watches a thousand times in a row; an activity that is apparently childish and perfectly harmless,but which apparently no longer sits well with one of mother Marta's neighbors ...

As the woman tells on Twitter, one of her neighbors not only complained that the 15-year-old boy laughs and sings out loud, but that if she doesn't try to get the teenager to stop screaming and screaming in a loud voice, he would file a complaint and call the police. Obviously Marta went into a rage, she was angry but also very disheartened by her neighbor's warning: is it possible that in this world there is no longer understanding or empathy towards complicated situations like the one that Edu lives through every day?

"What should I do, do I have to lock up my child? Really, as a person and as a mother, I am horrified to see that there are so few humanitarian people. How can anyone tell the mother of a special needs child she has seen growing up, that "they don't give a damn about my life and my son?"


The exhausted words from this mother end with a moving warning that should make us all reflect for a moment: "I am tired of spending my life finding excuses for having a special child. He and I live in peace, I would even dare to say that we are happy. Is it too much to ask for tolerance, sensitivity, a kind smile? Silence, even if condescending, is enough for me. "

It's quite difficult not to take a stand and be in solidarity with this mother and her son, but certainly the request from the neighbor, perhaps a little too rude, could become the starting point for a broader reflection: in your opinion, was he right, despite everything, to to ask Edu's mother for a little "silence"?


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