This guy was trapped for five days with his right arm pinned to a boulder -
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This guy was trapped for five days with…
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This guy was trapped for five days with his right arm pinned to a boulder

June 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The survival instinct can be stronger than anything else. In moments of great emergency or in situations where we fear for our lives, we human beings are able of bringing out an inner strength that we previously thought we did'n't have and performing extraordinary gestures that many would call superhuman or even desperate. Perhaps it's precisely from desperation and the will to live at all costs that man was born to be on this extraordinary but also insidious Planet ...

Today we want to tell you an incredible survival story that had an unexpected happy ending, so strange that it seems to have come from the mind of a brilliant and sadistic writer or from a very talented and realistic director; yet, the incident  which Aron Ralston was caught up in and which changed his life forever really happened. Ralston is a young American mountaineer who leapt into the spotlight after experiencing moments of great terror and fear for his life after an accident in 2003.

Aron was climbing in Blue John Canyon in the US state of Utah; that day, the long distant 26th April 2003, he was only 27 years old and had decided to go on a solitary and adventurous trek.

Unfortunately, while exploring Blue John Canyon, the 27-year-old enterprising young man accidentally moved a huge boulder which then fell on top of him and suddenly trapped his right arm. His incredible suffering lasted for five days, days that passed with very few food supplies (in his backpack he had only what was necessary for that sunny day of exploration, as well as a bottle of water), no cell phone and total solitude: in all the time in which Aron Ralston was trapped, there was not a soul to be seen who could help rescue him ...

After five days of precarious survival, Aron decided that he had to do whatever it took to free himself from that huge boulder and flee to ask for medical help...


What Aron did to avoid the worst was to bring out all the courage he never thought he had inside him and, now exhausted and totally dehydrated, he took his camping Swiss army knife and amputated his right arm to prevent it from dying and ending up in a state of gangrene. Despite the excruciating pain and physical suffering, getting rid of the part of his arm that was wedged between the boulder and the rock face saved him from a much worse fate.

After that delicate "operation", Aron Ralston traveled about 12 kilometers before meeting a group of tourists who intercepted him and immediately called for help: the 27-year-old adventurer was finally safe!


His incredible survival story immediately made the rounds of major American newspapers, the man also participated in numerous talk shows and television programs where he recounted his unbelievable fate, an extreme experience that inspired a best-selling book entitled " Between a Rock and a Hard Place ", signed by Ralston himself, and a film entitled 127 Hours with actor James Franco.

A true story that goes beyond the limits of the imagination that once again deserves to be retold!


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