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15 unique photos capable of arousing…
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15 unique photos capable of arousing strong emotions in us

May 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Life is truly a unique path of experiences and emotions. The path that we all undertake from birth to our death is studded with a myriad of different sensations yet all unique and irreplaceable: who among us has never experienced tears of sadness, of joy, who has never been moved when faced with a moving scene or when looking for the first time at  an incredible work of art, who has never had goosebumps or has felt happiness, fear, bewilderment, surprise?

Strong emotions are the ones that make our life worth living and that transform our experiences into memories and are indelibley etched  in our mind. These photos we have selected for you represent all the beauty and uniqueness of our life.

An incredible and very tender photograph

How often do you get to immortalize your father together with a chipmonk, both enjoying the fries and ketchup?

Time passes, but some loves never end ...

 Like the one between this young man and this sweet dog!


My grandfather met his great grandson for the first time since he was born last year ...

Corny I know, but I couldn't help but take a picture of this moving moment! 

A hug that has a very moving story behind it ...

The girl in the photograph relates: "When my school found out I had no papers, my scholarship and school fees were taken away from me. I told my dad that I would drop out and work instead. He said he would rather sacrifice an arm than for me to drop out, and we made sure it worked. I graduated today and it's thanks to his sacrifices. "

What a naughty dog...

image: jsick/reddit

My Australian Shepherd Smokey turned 3 today. His favorite game is tearing the stuffing out of stuffed animals. So I gave him my pouf that I was going to replace anyway: he had the best time of his life!


A very touching group photo...

image: Reddit

 The pilots and cabin crew of a flight...and all their different passports!

How sweet is this elephant...

Look at him, he just wanted to touch my hand as a sign of friendship! 


Say hello to the humans who have come to visit us!

 A very, very friendly mother bear and her son, don't you think?

A couple's photo shoot to remember forever

 They both finally graduated from medical school after years of sacrifice!


Mother Nature was really kind this time ...

image: Reddit

We were getting married in a very high altitude location with a breathtaking view; 45 minutes before the expected ceremony the weather was bad, but then ... the clouds gave way to the intense blue of the sky and a view of the mountain peaks!

I am finally cured of cancer!

To celebrate this milestone I had never believed in, my parents gave me a delicious cake! 

Do you know how the phenomenon of pareidolia works?

It's a name for the phenonenon we experience when we think we have seen anthropomorphic or animal shapes or images in objects or patterns. It often happens with the shapes that the clouds take: can you also see a dog howling?

A tender farewell...

Grandmother and granddaughter say goodbye one last time through the car window: a very powerful image of love! 

Chasing storms in West Texas

 A potentially powerful storm was approaching: I took one last shot before I ran away!

There aren't enough baby hippos in the world ...

 A unique bundle of sweetness and tenderness: don't you just want to hug and pamper this baby?

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