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Mom will always be mom: 16 photos that…
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Mom will always be mom: 16 photos that explain what maternal instinct is more than a thousand words can

June 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We are all born in much the same way; our mother's give birth to us, the one who for nine months has kept us inside her belly and has eagerly awaited the arrival of a new life. A life to love, to pamper, to take care of, to raise in the image and likeness of their parents. Without detracting from the vital importance of the father figure, the love and warmth that a mother can instill in her child is unique and absolutely unrepeatable.

The maternal instinct, moreover, can be found in all its forms even in the animal kingdom; it's not only the prerogative of human beings, but also our animal friends know how to show affection and maternal warmth towards their off spring. Here are some very tender photographic images that are perfect testimony to this!

Mom and son in a perfect picture

 Aren't my two cats gorgeous? I can't stop looking at this touching scene!

He is a koala cub, she is a golden retriever

Although they belong to different species, they behave like mother and child: the maternal instinct prevails over everything!


A very touching scene...

image: fenwai/Reddit

This mother horse had recently lost her foal, while this foal had recently lost its mother: they met and they are already a wonderful family!

A mother tortoise and her babies

 How much maternal instinct is displayed in a single photograph!

A mother's love...

image: gRM9/Reddit

Their mother just doesn't want to leave them alone, and stays with them day and night! 


This puppy feels protected by sleeping peacefully on top of his mother

 This is a perfect family picture!

A photograph that cannot help but make us smile

image: Imgur

 Here we have two very happy Quokkas: mom and son are bursting with joy wherever they go, and we are too, to see them!


Maternal instinct truly wins over everything!

A mother hen shelters two frightened kittens from a storm, as if they were her own children: how touching!

Like mother, like son!

image: Goal1/Reddit

They are like two peas in a pod: when the pup grows up, how will we tell them apart? 


A mother is everything for her pups...

 Ready to sacrifice even their own well-being in order to keep them save and ... feed them!

Mother swan and her cignets

 An image of truly unique beauty and tenderness!

A chameleon mother holds her newborn baby on her horn

 A scene of maternal instinct which is very rare to find in Nature, but always fascinating!

When the mother's beauty is inherited!

 Look at them, mother and son united by their unique eyes!

Once a mother, you always remain a mother!

 It doesn't matter that that puppy dog isn't a chick, affection and maternal warmth are on offer to everyone!

Like mother, like son!

 They both seem to have an inordinate passion for ... yawning!

A mother who is truly proud of her little ones!

What could be more beautiful for a mother taking care of her puppies?

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