Tourist touches a Queen's guard horse…
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Tourist touches a Queen's guard horse for a photo and the guard reacts harshly: "immediately let go of the reins and step away!" (+ VIDEO)

August 10, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

When traveling, many factors must be taken into account to ensure that one's stay in a country other than one's own is pleasant. It is necessary to respect the rules in force and not to believe that, as tourists, we are allowed to do anything we want. The subject of this story, evidently, did not have this decorum in mind, and she broke the rules, moved by the desire to take an unforgettable photo while on holiday in the UK.

While visiting the royal palace in London, the tourist in question took the liberty of touching the reins of a Queen's guard's horse. The horse was not exactly happy with her action and neither was the rider who, reacting to the woman's audacity, ordered her to move away and not continue touching the horse. Let's see what happened in detail. 

via: News Week

During a trip to London, the subject of this story was, like many tourists to this city, visiting Buckingham Palace. Facinated by the Queen's guard, the American woman approached a mounted guard and posed to have her picture taken. So far, this is pretty normal and what a lot of tourists do. But unlike many others, this woman tried to touch the horse.

The tourists who had taken photos before her, had kept at a safe distance and, once they had taken their snaps, they moved on, leaving space for others. But in this case, in addition to positioning herself next to the steed, this woman reached out to grab the horse's reins. So, it was too bad for her that neither the horse nor the rider took this very well, and the video clip posted to TikTok is proof of this.

In the clip you can see the horse moving to avoid the woman's touch, while the guard hesitates a few seconds before shouting at the woman: "Stand back and do not touch the reins". These shouted words made the tourist jump in shock and she scarpers off immediately.

"I will never go back to London," reads the caption of the video. The stepson of the woman- who shot the video - promised never to return to the city because he was so upset by how the Queen's guard had reacted. Immediately going viral on the web, the tourists did not exactly get a lot of support.


For most users, the guard's reaction was justified as he was not there to be photographed, but to do his duty. "She wasn't at Disneyland, the guard was on duty"; "Are you saying she was assaulted? I would have shouted even louder. He was on duty": many comments like these condemned what this tourist had done.

What would you have done in the woman's shoes?

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