She gives 21 cents worth of extra shrimp to a customer and is fired, but the judge agrees with her -
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She gives 21 cents worth of extra shrimp…
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She gives 21 cents worth of extra shrimp to a customer and is fired, but the judge agrees with her

May 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Has it ever happened that you have gone to your local grocery store or supermarket and have received a few extra ounces of a product from the deli counter without paying any more? Sometimes employees behave like that with close acquaintances, sometimes out of sympathy, or in most cases, just courtesy to build customer loyalty and encourage them to return to the same store. A gesture that, however, many supermarket managers do not appreciate very much, and there is always the risk of dismissal ...

An employee of a large supermarket in Florence, Italy, was fired by the manager on Christmas Eve 2019 because she had given 21 cents extra worth of shrimp to a customer; these 21 cents not counted in the balance, equal to two shrimp in number, had been requested by a special client for "allergy tests". Mother of two children and with a dependent family, the woman was fired on the spot from the direction of the supermarket in the city of Florence, to the dismay and displeasure of her colleagues.

After the dismissal, the woman turned to the labor court which finally, after two years, ruled that Unicoop and the management of the Florentine supermarket would have to reinstate the employee and will have to pay her 12 months wages, in addition to all her legal fees and with interest.

As told by the trades union, Unione Sindacale di Base, the employee "had already done so in the past on the orders of the old department head, and moreover in this case the scale at the fishmonger counter can barely detect the weight of the shrimps and on this was later proven in a test." But all's well what ends well for this supermarket worker: after two years of legal tribulation, she got reinstatement and 12 months of lost wages reinstated.

After all, such a cruel dismissal, for only two shrimp which can barely be measured on the scales of the fish shop and placed in a separate bag, which we don't believe could have bankrupted a supermarket chain: now, it's the management that feels embarrassed about the whole question and for the useless fuss it has caused.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is called karma!


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