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A woman discovers that her mother paid…
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A woman discovers that her mother paid the man she was dating to ask her to marry him

June 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine having to organize your wedding; one of the most important days of your life to be conjoined with the person you have chosen as a companion to spend the rest of your days with; how would you react if you found out that that marriage, that relationship, the committment so important for that equally important day, was all a hoax invented by your mother? An absurd prologue that is instead only the beginning of an incredible story.

via: BuzzFeed

The woman, a former bride-to-be who was very disappointed with her mother's behavior, recounted her hallucinatory experience on the edge of reality on BuzzFeed, in an article in which some readers were asked to anonymously tell why they had decided to cancel her marriage: "This story is long, but it's worth reading. I was with a guy who proposed to me after only two months of dating. It was all so fast and I was madly in love, so when he made his proposal with a huge diamond, I said yes. I had nothing to lose. He said the wedding should be as soon as possible because we were so in love, and that seemed like a valid reason. And my mother was so proud of me.

My mother bought me the most beautiful dress and my parents paid for everything. I always asked him why his parents didn't pay, but my parents got in the way and said they insisted, and he said his family was poor, which didn't make much sense looking back. My parents don't usually spend a lot, so as our wedding day approached, I became suspicious. I went to the shop where he bought the wedding ring to see if it was real (it was !!!). The man from the shop said it was one of a kind and remembered who it was purchased from. Apparently, my boyfriend didn't buy it, my mom did! And get this, she bought it a month before my fiancé and I started dating.


The woman continued her story with these words: "Then I put it all together and confronted her and my father about it. It turns out that my mother met him through a friend and paid him to go out on our first date. She paid for all our dates and of course my marriage because she was so desperate for me to get married and he was only there for the money. I had declared myself bisexual about a year before all of this. I wonder if it was because she was so desperate to see me with a man and not a woman. Now I'm dating a wonderful woman and my mother and I don't talk anymore. "

A crackling start with an unexpected ending, like in the best stories we might read in a book or see in a movie. Too bad that all of this really happened.


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