Things which could be mistaken for something else: 17 hilarious effects of pareidolia on our brains -
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Things which could be mistaken for something…
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Things which could be mistaken for something else: 17 hilarious effects of pareidolia on our brains

May 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Do you also think that you have seen silhouettes, figures and shapes in simple objects or in patterns outside or inside the home? Do you think you are crazy? This is not exactly the case, because this phenomenon is much more widespread and common than one might think on the surface. It is called pareidolia, and it is a mental phenomenon in which we see forms, figures or silhouettes that are human or animal within completely unrelated objects or contexts.

Everyone, at least once in their life, has seen a human figure in a particular cloud, or in the embroidery on an intricate dress, or even in food; in short, pareidolia sooner or later cathces everyone out, and what basically remains for us to do is widen our eyes and ask ourselves if what we have just seen is a trick of the eye or the fruits of our imagination.

I just wanted to enjoy a quiet evening ...

..and instead this mop is doing nothing but stare at me with a look full of blame and judge me!

A little happiness never hurts!

I just made friends with the happiest stone in the world: meet Rocky!


A very sad muffin...

He almost seems to be begging me: "Please don't eat me!"

A door who is very happy with his existence!

And we can't help but be happy that he is, can we?

I could not fail to immortalize this one-of-a-kind bell tower ...

Doesn't it look like a chick's face to you too?


The handle came away in my hand ...

And of course, the door was as shocked as I was!

A very suspicious kitchen...

What did we do wrong to deserve a stare like this!


An armchair we don't want to sit on at all ...

After all, we would feel like we're being watched from behind!

A car that has a lot to say ...

And above all, it seems that he has a lot to be amazed about!


Is it just us, or do you see a rabbit too?

He almost looks like he's about to jump up and escape to his next adventure!

A radish who is rather happy to be chopped ...

Lucky him!

An iceberg which seems to have come out of a comic book!

image: Reddit

The shape of this huge piece of ice reminds us of Batman's head!

A car stereo that's always so happy to welcome me!

When I get in the car I know I'm in excellent company!

A tree whose bark looks very familiar to us ...

But is that a rabbit or have we suddenly gone mad?

A very worried card board box ...

It almost looks like he's hiding from danger!

When even your home seems perplexed ...

Faced with such a building, we would have run away!

"Please, don't open the taps!"

A "face" that can only shout these words!


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