At 19 he chooses to become a man by cutting off relations with friends and relatives: now he feels completely reborn -
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At 19 he chooses to become a man by…
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At 19 he chooses to become a man by cutting off relations with friends and relatives: now he feels completely reborn

May 10, 2021 • By Alison Forde

"You are not what others believe, you are what you are". A phrase and a pearl of wisdom that should be carved on every wall of every city, to remind us that we did not come into the world to please other people but to be ourselves and feel good about what we know to be inside us, without compromise. Even if at times, these compromises bring great sacrifices, sometimes painful and unimaginable. Something that Jaimie Wilson has experienced first hand, a guy with an incredible story behind him.

Until the age of 19, Jaimie Wilson had always lived her adolescence through gritted teeth and with a painful truth that she could not express to her family and friends: she was a girl who liked other girls, she loved to dress in male clothes and felt trapped inside her female body; all the girl wanted in life was to simply become a man. For this reason, in 2015 she decided to take a path full of sacrifices that would bring her a lot of pain but also a lot of satisfaction.

Having grown up in a very religious family, Jaimie knew she would not have an easy time if she declared to her loved ones and close friends her desire to change gender and go from being a woman to being a man; and in fact, her family did not accept this choice, while her friends told her that, even during hormone therapy to become male, he was still "too feminine".

When she was still a teenager, her mother often laughed at her attraction to women and she couldn't understand why she wanted to dress in purely masculine clothes. Many of her relatives and friends tried to dissuade Jaimie from her path, but in the end she made the toughest decision of her life; to undergo therapy and surgery, even if this would mean leaving her family and friends, who did not support her, for good.



Beginning in 2015 and for the next two years, Jaimie underwent specific hormone therapy with testosterone, more than one surgery and plenty of hours of exercise in the gym to hone his muscles and to adapt to his new body. Finally at the age of 21, Jaimie has finally become the man he always wanted to be! 

A triumph of will that has brought him new friendships and a new life path of great satisfaction: now Jaimie Wilson performs as a highly successful and talented country singer around America and is in great demand by internationally renowned bands: finally, life smiles on Jaimie Wilson! 

After all, as the guy keeps saying, "You are not what others believe, you are what you are. Period."

And who better than him to bear witness to the great truth behind this powerful and enlightening sentence?


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