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A mother makes her son eat sand and…
At 34 she is already a mother and grandmother: she had her first daughter at the age of 16

A mother makes her son eat sand and lick the shopping cart: "It strengthens his immune system"

May 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When a mother gives birth to a child, it's up to her and her husband or partner to choose the best strategy to implement to raise the newborn baby in the best way. It is not just about behavior, but also about the daily habits that are imparted to the child, starting with nutrition, which is more than fundamental. There are mothers who feed their children with a varied and healthy diet, others who can't help but unleash a storm of controversy with their questionable choices ...

Meet Alice Bender, a 22-year-old mother who has an 8-month-old baby; thanks to sharing some photos and some short videos on her TikTok profile, the woman explained her very personal choice of nutrition for her son: believing that it can strengthen his immune system, Alice introduced him to a completely vegan diet (the same one that she follows) and deliberately lets her 8-month-old baby eat sand, munch on stones found on the ground or lick supermarket trolleys; Alice said: "I'm not afraid of germs and bacteria, this is the best way to strengthen his immune system." 

Obviously, many users have carefully viewed the contents published by Alice Bender on her TikTok profile, and many of them have clearly taken sides against the life choice of this 22-year-old vegan mother; but despite the criticisms, the woman did not allow herself to be discouraged and strongly defended her reasons in this regard with these words: "I'm not afraid of bacteria, on the contrary I welcome it. I trust nature and my child. It's a coincidence that babies have this instinct when breastfeeding: our breast milk is there to protect them as they develop their immune systems!"

Alice, however, stressed that, despite having adopted this style of nutrition for her little Fern, she has no intention of continuing it for years to come: "Obviously I would not want him to continue doing these things, because there would be no one around to turn to if he gets sick in the future! "


Dear moms, what do you think of this mother's choice and words that many have simply labeled as "reckless?" Too radical or is there some sense to her actions?


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