She is adopted by her social worker after 8 years in a foster home: "It's never too late to be loved" -
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She is adopted by her social worker…
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She is adopted by her social worker after 8 years in a foster home: "It's never too late to be loved"

May 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

It is never too late to make your dreams come true, even if these seem apparently impossible; we must never give in to sadness and discouragement, only by fighting hard for our goals will life repay us, sooner or later, with the correct rewards for all the goals we have managed to achieve. Monyay, a girl who lived for 8 years in a foster home, waiting to be finally adopted, knows a thing or two about waiting for dreams to come true ...

via: ABC News

Monyay was placed in the foster home run by the Safe Children Coalition at the age of 11; with no parents who could take care of her or a family that would adopted her, Monyay spent eight years of her adolescence managing alone, facing the years of school education without the support of a figure who could be called maternal or paternal. Her only point of reference was Leah Paskalides, her social worker.

When the girl finally turned 18 she understood perfectly well that she would no longer have to wait for someone to come forward and decide to adopt her once and for all; but her social worker was instead the first to take the plunge, after years of great hesitation ... Leah said: "Monyay always said to me:" I wish you could adopt me, I wish you could adopt me ', and I couldn't because of the job and then I saw a documentary in which the person was adopted as an adult, and I had never really heard of it before. It was important to me that she knew she was wanted by someone, that someone loved her. I could say these things as often as I wanted, but actions speak louder than words ... "

Eventually, Leah decided to take the plunge and give a forever home to the girl she'd looked after for five years; Monyay couldn't believe what was going to happed, and she could not imagine having Leah as her foster mother, the woman who had followed her case for years and whom she had prayed would finally adopt her and take her home to live with her.

But, as this extraordinary story of hope testifies, it is never too late to dream big and to realize one's life goals; Monyay knows well, after waiting eight years to have an adoptive mother, a new family, a person who would finally make her understand that she too was a girl who deserved love!

We are so happy for you, Monyay!


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