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A pregnant employee was earning only…
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A pregnant employee was earning only $300 a month: the new boss is moved and gives her a check for $1000

May 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

The family and our health come before everything. It should be a daily mantra that in the workplace needs to be followed to the letter, but the reality is very different from what it appears and should be. How many times have we read or heard stories of employees with family or health problems who are not only underpaid but also exploited in the workplace by indifferent and cruel bosses? Too many times, and on top of these "abuses" very often we find expectant mothers being exploited...

via: CNBC Prime

This is the story of Tami Forbes, a model employee but also a pregnant mother. The woman worked as a store manager for the Key West Lime Pie Company, a place where delicious lime pies were made which were then sold throughout the United States; Tami, however, despite her having a lot of responsibilities, was drastically underpaid: she earned only $300 a month, a real pittance.

In addition, the woman (who was also the mother of 8-year-old twins) was expecting a third child and to make ends meet and bring some extra cash home, she worked as a bartender on weekends.


Fortunately, Marcus Lemonis, is a billionaire entrepreneur who bought the Key West Lime Pie Company, which was failing in the meantime, and who listened to Tami's story: "That first month of your child's life. it is so important not only with your child, but with your spouse or co-parent, in short with your family. The idea that your family comes first should be more of a mindset in society and small businesses and this is something that I feel it has truly been lost ... "

What Marcus Lemonis did moved Tami to tears; her new boss said to her, pointing to her belly: "This is more important than any cake you have to make, I'll give you a check that should help you be able to take a break and take care of your baby ..."



Even better, when she returned to work as a sales manager for the Key West Lime Pie Company, she would be earning $1000 a week, thus ending her days as a bartender on the weekends!

Lemonis' gesture towards Tami Forbes reminds us once again how important it is for working or pregnant mothers to spend more time with themselves and their family, preserving their health and that of the unborn child: work, for this time, he can wait quietly!


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