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He posts disgusting photos of the kitchen…
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He posts disgusting photos of the kitchen in the restaurant where he works and gets fired on the spot

April 21, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Working in restaurants is never easy and we often hear of waiters who advise against going out for dinner. The reason? Well, they see everything in the kitchen, both cooked and raw, and they wouldn't even advise their worst enemy to go and eat there. Let's say that, unfortunately, there are many restaurants and bars that pretend to respect hygiene standards and offer their customers only low-quality products and ingredients, but this should not be normal. It is equally clear that employees who publicly seek to expose these wrongdoings by warning all potential customers are doomed to lose their jobs forever. This was the fate of a Twitter user named "Nick", who wanted to post some photos of the place where he worked, which showed some disgusting information which was difficult to digest.

Twitter user "nick" showed the world the real condition of the ice cream machine in the place where he worked, as well as the disgusting floors stained and encrusted with food and who knows what other substances. Gruesome photos that would probably be enough to close the place and which, instead, led to the dismissal of this employee.

Not that being dismissed was not predictable, but what should an employee do in these cases? Accept with closed eyes every situation of injustice that is imposed on us or react, for a greater good, despite the stakes? We understand that this free speech is not always applicable to every situation, despite the good intentions behind it. Therefore, no one will judge this type of personal choice, but letting customers eat poor ingredients, poorly stored or even often which have come into contact with perpetually dirty and encrusted machinery, is really difficult. Nick's ethics, in this case, took over.


The guy published several photos that clearly illustrate the "behind the scenes" of the restaurant world, or at least of a small part of it (we don't want to generalize and we're sure that many places respect the hygiene rules in force and that they try to focus on better quality of services).

image: Viralistas

We are sorry that this guy was fired on the spot, but we hope that his action has opened the eyes of the customers of that place: next time, they'll think twice before going to eat there!

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