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"I'm not stupid": she buys a house next…
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"I'm not stupid": she buys a house next to a busy road and thencomplains about too much noise from traffic

April 18, 2021 • By Alison Forde

What would you do if you bought the house of your dreams at a competitive price and in a strategic and very convenient position but just a few meters from a very busy two-lane road? Would you choose to live in another quieter and less noisy place or would you accept the challenge and live there? A British woman was particularly criticized on the web when she complained about noise pollution after buying a house that was just a few meters away from a busy highway: didn't she expect that? Not exactly...

via: The Sun UK

Jackie McCormack had bought the house for just £350,000 and had only visited it at times when the A446 highway was light on traffick and relatively quiet; then over time, she and her husband noticed that the noise pollution was really well beyond the permitted levels; many people have wondered if the woman was foolish or not, after all it was she and her husband who chose to live in a large house next to a highway. But Jackie told the press that she wasn't as stupid as many were painting her ...

The woman said that the means of transport using the two-lane road should not exceed 85 decibels as required by law, but thanks to carrying out measurement via her iPhone she noticed that when trucks and heavy goods vehicles passed, the permitted noise levels were greatly exceeded: up to as much as 120 decibels, more than allowed; a real case of noise pollution: "I knew it was a busy street - there's no way around it. I'd be stupid if I didn't think it's a busy street."

Now, she and her husband are asking the local council for a lower speed limit on the state highway, install some safety barriers to protect their home garden from noise pollution, and a speed camera to improve the situation for them and other local people in Coleshil, in Warwickshire, UK.


Although Jackie has repeatedly stated that due to the close proximity of cars and trucks, she often has to wear earplugs when she goes to bed, she still doesn't want to give up and continues to fight to make things change sooner or later: "I'll fight tooth and nail to solve this problem. I'm not moving from here, I can't move because no one would buy this house!"

Good luck in your battle Jackie!


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