In 30 years he never helped his wife…
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In 30 years he never helped his wife to clean the house: today he is forced to pay her 60,000 euros in compensation

April 12, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Household chores are a real thorn in the side of many people, but they are absolutely necessary if you don't want to be swamped by dust and dirt. When you live as a couple, it's usually the woman who takes the situation in hand and takes care of the cleaning. Normally, the partner should also do his share and, therefore, balance the workload that she organizes for both of them. There are men, however, who deliberately decide not to lift a finger and let their partner do everything. It doesn't matter if she too has a hard job and other responsibilities to manage, household chores still remain "a woman's thing". From Portugal, however, bizarre news has arrived that breaks ground in favor of all those married women who for years have had to clean the house without receiving any help from their spouses.

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Bad news for those used to coming home after work and sitting comfortably on the sofa resting, complaining of being particularly tired. A man, who for 30 years had never helped his wife with the housework now risks having to shell out a lot of money as "compensation". The story took place in Portugal, in Barcelos, where on 24 March 2021 the courts ordered the man to compensate his ex-wife by ordering him to pay the sweet sum of 60,000 euros. The reason? If it wasn't obvious, the court clarified the decision with these words:

"When domestic work is carried out exclusively or mainly by one of the members of the couple, without compensation, it results in a real impoverishment of this person and, conversely, an automatic enrichment of the partner who is freed from domestic work and who, consequently, can benefit for free from the result of this work ".


An example of how it can feel after cleaning the whole house ...

His lack of desire to do his share of the household chores cost this man very dearly, after dodging washing the dishes and mopping the floors for 30 years of married life. There have been such cases in China and Argentina, but no such stories had yet been seen in Europe.

Household chores are tiring for everyone and are certainly a source of great tension and arguments within a couple; we are convinced, however, that with the right balance it is very possible to survive such a task! So don't despair and arm yourself with a rag and a vacuum cleaner.


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