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A newborn is abandoned for 18 hours…
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A newborn is abandoned for 18 hours in a bag: saved by a man with broken headphones

April 04, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When we hear or read chilling stories of children and babies abandoned by their parents for unknown reasons, we always feel a shiver down our spine: why did they do this incredible thing? What reason could there be behind such an ignoble abandonment? The reality is that we often do not know and we will never know, but yet again we want to tell you an incredible story about a 63-year-old man and a newborn baby abandoned in a gym bag ...

via: WSB-TV

It all started outside a medical clinic in the city of DeKalb, Georgia, when a 63-year-old man named Horace Thomas heard strange noises coming from a sports bag that had been left lying; he walked over, opened the bag and was completely shocked: inside there was a baby who had been abandoned there, crying and squirming. Horace couldn't believe what he was seeing and he called security. Later, doctors and medical staff at the clinic tried to figure out how long that little baby boy had been left out there without anyone noticing him...

According to the first reconstructions, it seems that the sports bag had been abandoned in front of the medical clinic the day before: Horace found it and approached it on a Thursday after midnight, but there were those who claimed that it was already there the day before; eyewitnesses from the clinic had said that they remembered seeing the bag as early as 7:45 am the previous day, so according to reconstructions, the newborn had been there for at least 18 hours before anyone noticed ...

The baby, who still had the placenta and umbilical cord attached, weighed about 5 pounds and was wrapped in a white sheet and wore a t-shirt of the same color.



As soon as they realized the serious situation, the doctors of the clinic immediately transferred the newborn abandoned by the unknown mother to the nearest pediatric hospital in the city, where he was taken care of and treated in the best possible way. To date, the reason for the abandonment by the parents is not clear: we are waiting for the little one to find a new loving family that can welcome him and care for him as he deserves.

Let's hope his future is better than his beginnings!


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