Here's the incredible rescue of this dog who was dying in a dump ! -
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Here's the incredible rescue of this…
The owner wants to take a picture, but the behavior of his dogs leaves him surprised ! If you live this man's same NIGHTMARE, then this video will make you think !

Here's the incredible rescue of this dog who was dying in a dump !

By Robert Maggi
When the operators were called to save this dog in 2013, many of them agreed that these were the worst health conditions they had ever seen. Destroyed physically and psychologically, this dog, later named Miley, in fact lived in a dump for a long time. As you can imagine, it didn't take long to regain his confidence and take him to hospital. During his convalescence he made friends with another rescued dog, Frankie, and became best friends. After 4 months Miley is finally adopted: in 2014, about a year later, her life is completely changed.
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