This man weeps with joy when he finds and rescues his little dog that was trapped in a fox hole -
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This man weeps with joy when he finds…
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This man weeps with joy when he finds and rescues his little dog that was trapped in a fox hole


We have often talked about how strong the bond is between human beings and their dogs.

In fact, dogs are, in many cases, considered to be more than just pets and regarded as true friends, family members, and as a fundamental component of their owner's lives with which to share joys, sorrows, and affection.

It goes without saying, then, that when an owner loses their dog the pain can be enormous. The sense of emptiness and anxiety urge them to do everything they can to find and bring their four-legged friend back home safely.

Therefore, even the strongest and most mature man, when he finally finds his lost dog, can feel so overwhelmed with joy and relief that he expresses this through a very powerful emotional release.

via: Essex Live

This is exactly the case of Alan Whitton, a 49-year-old British man from Redbridge, who had adopted his little female dog Mitzi, a delightful Jack Russell Terrier, about a year ago.

During one of their usual morning walks, however, Mitzi disappeared! It was immediately clear to Alan that finding her would be a difficult undertaking, and for this reason, he also reached out to his social media contacts to ask anyone who might have seen his dog for help.

This was, undoubtedly, a devastating situation, which turned into a real nightmare when the man saw that, despite constant searching, there was still no trace of his beloved dog. After two days without Mitzi, Alan was beginning to lose hope of ever finding her.

Ever seen a grown man cry?

Pubblicato da Alan Whitton su Venerdì 22 novembre 2019

It was at that point, however, that he received a telephone call from a man who had noticed that his own dog was constantly sniffing an area around a fox hole.

So Alan rushed to the scene and started calling Mitzi and attracting the dog's attention with her favorite toys. The little dog immediately showed signs of her presence, and at that point Alan and the other people who were helping him find his dog, all began digging.

The moment when Alan was finally able to re-embrace little Mitzi, his Jack Russell dog was captured in a video by someone who was present at the place when Mitzi was found, and the reaction of the man has no equal.

He literally could not stop crying because he was so overwhelmed with relief - and happiness and love for his little dog.

These are certainly very heartwarming images! And we sincerely hope that they will become, for Alan, only a memory of a bad experience, and of its ending that was so happy and unexpected.

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