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"Adoption is not charity": woman defends…
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"Adoption is not charity": woman defends herself from those who criticized her for having welcomed black children into the family

April 17, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Although the society in which we all live today has made great strides in civil rights and the equality of all before the law, whether it is ethnicity, nationality, and so on, the problem of racism in all its forms is still very present, albeit hidden in the meshes of social networks and in public opinion. The strange story we want to tell you today features a woman and her two children, and is truly incredible ...

via: GQ

The woman who is called Giovanna Ewbank, is a very popular Brazilian actress and presenter in her country and has been openly criticized for adopting two black children Titi and Bless, into her own family. The topic of adoption, is very close to Giovanna's heart, given that Titi, her eldest adopted daughter, was openly attacked for the color of her skin on social media channels. 

Giovanna, who documents her public and private life with her children and husband Bruno on Instagram, said that after a particularly derogatory attack about her two adopted children, she contacted the police to make complaint of a cyber crime. The post had been completely acceptable: "They said I couldn't have a child, that I was sterile. Guilt has always been strong in me. Why can't women choose not to have biological children? What the problem?"


Not only did the Brazilian woman feel attacked on social media due to the fact that she was infertile and couldn't have biological children, but she was also insulted by the assertion that the adoption of two children of a different skin color from hers and from that of her husband was simply "an act of charity, to wash their conscience." Giovanna, however, was incensed at these words: "We are very angry at the idea that many think that for Bruno and me these children are compensation. What compensation? Adopting is not charity and people are very confused. And they are hurtful." 

What do you think about it? Is adopting an act of "cleaning one's conscience" according to allegations made by some users on the web, or is it a gesture of pure love that has nothing to do with the possibility or not of being able to conceive? In your opinion, are Giovanna Ewbank and her husband right to defend their choice and protect the two adopted children from those nefarious personal attacks?

This story has certainly made the whole of Brazil reflect and will also make our readers reflect ...

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