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He bends down to pick up a coin, but…
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He bends down to pick up a coin, but ends up losing $2,000 at the ATM: an old man is robbed

March 30, 2021 • By Alison Forde

We need eyes in the back of our heads, when we decide to leave the house and go to withdraw money from an ATM; first of all, we must always make sure that there are no suspicious people around who wants to try to rob us, and then we must be very careful not to get distracted even for a minute. There are mnay types of scams that ill-intentioned people can put in place near an ATM and some are particularly ingenious ...

image: VK

Such as the ingenious scam perpetrated against a 62-year-old man who lives in St. Petersburg, Russia; the man, captured by the cameras in the Moskovsky city shopping center, on 19 March 2021, went to the room where the ATM machines are located; he positioned himself there, requested a withdrawal of about 150,000 rubles (in short, equal to almost 2000 US dollars) and waited for the ATM to deliver the large sum.

But lurking next to the unfortunate man were two thieves and scammers of the highest level: they stood next to the 62-year-old and waited for the ATM machine to fulfill the unsuspecting man's request in banknotes ...

image: VK

At the moment of the delivery, they dropped a coin on the ground, right under the feet of the elderly man, so as to make him believe that the money that had fallen on the floor was his. The confused man reached down to pick it up, while the two scammers promptly stole the approximately $2,000 and ran away with the swag.

Once the elderly man returned to look at the ATM monitor, he waited in vain for the dispenser to give him the requested money, but nothing; after a few minutes he thought that those two men had cleverly cheated him and taken away his money; the crime was promptly reported, but it seems that it will be difficult to trace two thieves here as they were wearing protective masks at the time of the theft ...

A truly ignoble trick to easily fool older people that many put into practice every day by exploiting people's inattention: we have to be careful when we go to the nearest ATM, and make sure you don't pick up coins that have fallen to the ground!



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