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A homeless man finds $10,000 on the…
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A homeless man finds $10,000 on the street and is rewarded with a new house of his own

March 26, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In a time like the one we are living in, in which the grip of the economic crisis is making itself felt more and more and affects the poorest and most destitute people the hardest, the people who don't have the privilege of living under a roof and within four warm, safe walls, flanked by the affection of a family, pay the biggest price. They are the homeless, apparently invisible citizens that we tend to never consider, but who instead have very touching and dignified stories to tell.

via: CBS News

This is the story of how a homeless man named Elmer Alvarez, living in the city of New Haven in Connecticut, managed to change his life for the better by practicing an act of kindness and a strong civic sense; testimony that the good deeds we do in life, sooner or later, are always repaid when we least expect it.

Elmer had found a check for $10,000 on the street and, instead of keeping it for himself and cashing it in, he decided to try to track down the intended recipient of the money and return the lost check ...

After some research, the homeless man named Elmer managed to find Roberta Hoskie, a real estate agent, and explained what had happened; the woman was particularly shocked by his story, because until she agreed to meet Elmer she didn't even notice that her check had fallen out of her wallet; that very kind homeless man had performed an extraordinary act of kindness that she would never forget ...

Roberta too, when she was younger and was a single mother with a child, and remembered having lived in absolute hardship, often and having to live on the street: "470 dollars a month, I'll never forget that. I had to survive on the streets with my son ..."


For this reason, Roberta Hoskie made a decision that would forever change the life of the kind homeless guy: she decided that she would donate a house to Elmer to thank him for all he had done for her by returning her $10,000 check; so, the real estate agent gave the homeless man a house and enrolled him in a course to become a real estate agent like her, so that in the near future the man would also be able to make an independent living.

Here is another, beautiful story that testifies once again that good deeds, those that arise from our heart and from our sense of kindness and solidarity, do not go unnoticed.

Well done, Elmer!


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