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A DNA test fails to determine who the…
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A DNA test fails to determine who the father is: twins pay child support for the same child

March 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Imagine being in the shoes of the woman in this incredible story: 5 years earlier she had met a man, they dated for a while, she fell madly in love with him and in the end, she had decided to give birth to a baby. Everything seems to be going  perfectly for her, until he reveals that he had a twin brother, who had never been introduced to her. This gave him the perfect excuse to deny the paternity of the child and the case ended up in court and that drew the attention of the whole of Brazil, where this story that seems like an incredible movie took place ...

The story happened in Cachoeira Alta, a rural village in Brazil, and it seems that these twin brothers had in the past exploited their perfect similarity (they are in fact identical twins in all respects, even in DNA) to go out several times with various women and deceive them about their identity: had the girls dated one brother or the other?

The mother of the girl who was born in 2017, had started to have some suspicions when, during a meeting years earlier, the man had shown up with the yellow motorcycle that belonged to his brother, again according to the woman's statements. She began to become suspicious: what if the daughter was conceived not with the man she thought she was dating but with his twin brother?

The case that ended up in court, where the judge requested a DNA test to determine which of the two was the biological father of the girl who was born in 2017; pity that the two brothers don't want to admit their paternity, and the test, which gave a positive result, could not establish which of the two brothers was the biological father: being identical twins, they shared 99.9% of their DNA.

The judge, unable to establish the biological truth regarding denied paternity, ruled that both twins must pay 30 percent of the mother's minimum monthly wage, approximately $76.88, and must also split the costs to be paid to the mother for all medical, dental, clothing and education for the child who is now over 5 years old.

A fair sentence in your opinion? What do you think of this incredible story?


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