She eats lunch on top of the resume of a person looking for a job in the place where she works: she's fired on the spot -
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She eats lunch on top of the resume…
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She eats lunch on top of the resume of a person looking for a job in the place where she works: she's fired on the spot

March 22, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Be very, very careful what you post on your social profiles, you could not only be revealing compromising details about yourself, but the content of your photos, videos or stories could offend the sensitivity of other users and create situations from which it would be difficult to get out intact. The same thing happened to an Argentine girl named Pau Palumbo, who was fired from the place where she worked because of a story posted on her Instagram channel...

What happened is that this girl, who spent a lot of time on social media and published very frequently, has a very strong sense of humor and liked to joke, for this reason she hadn't thought in the least that her latest story published on the popular social network would have generated an uproar that would have led to her dismissal.

The girl had published an image in which it could be seen that she was having her lunch at work, on the tray there was a savory pastry and some mashed potatoes, with all this sitting on a sheet of white paper: it came to be discovered that the sheet was a curriculum vitae sent by a person who was looking for a job where Pau Palumbo worked; for her it was an "innocent joke", but many didn't take it well at all: "The guy came in to leave a CV. I told the guy not to leave it with me, to take it away because in my office they don't take people when they leave CVs in person. Supervisors often throw them away and many people already know that. I told him twice so as not to waste it, but he wanted to leave it anyway."

Many others, however, did not react very well to the story posted on Instagram by the girl, who had "made fun" of the guy who had come there to leave his resume in desperate search for a job, causing an uproar on the web and causing her boss to fire her for that joke considered in bad taste. The girl defended herself like this: "I know I shouldn't have uploaded any stories or anything, but I've always uploaded stupid stuff, I never thought it would spread the way it was spread. I apologize, but it seems to me that the thing has already gotten out of hand. "

The consequence? Fired on the spot because of the controversy born on the net. Will this girl have learned her lesson for next time?


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