They save up $1,060 to pay off a debt, but then discovered that their 2-year-old son had destroyed the bills in the paper shredder. -
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They save up $1,060 to pay off a debt,…
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They save up $1,060 to pay off a debt, but then discovered that their 2-year-old son had destroyed the bills in the paper shredder.

March 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

For a couple eager to take on the roles of mom and dad, the birth of a child is something wonderful. There are women who for years try in vain to get pregnant, together with their partner, but to no avail. Then, when the "miracle" happens, the joy is immense. A joy that - let's not forget - will often turn into frustration and fatigue, especially in the first years of the child's life. Not that these difficulties are an obstacle to parenting! But it is undeniable that children give their parents a hard time. In this regard, Ben Belnap and his wife Jackee have experienced firsthand what it means to have a little 2-year-old manace at home. Little Leo, in fact, was the author of a stunt that cost his parents very dearly ... literally!

Ben Belnap and his wife Jackee are both sports fans and football fans, as are many of their American compatriots. Being from Holladay, Utah (USA), the couple support the team from the University of Utah. The two are very young and with a small son to look after, going to football games seems like a luxury they could rarely afford. Ben had long dreamed of a season ticket to see all his favorite team's games, but the price had always made him resist. His parents, however, aware of their son's desire, wanted to buy two season tickets for their son and his wife. Faced with this beautiful gesture, the couple decided to save every single penny in order to pay back the money to Ben's parents.

Despite the difficulties, Ben and Jackee managed to save the money needed to repay their "debt": $1,060. Proud of their achievement, the two decided to keep the money in a white envelope, waiting for the opportunity to return it to Ben's parents. One day, however, Ben could no longer find the precious envelope: it seemed to have disappeared. It was only moments later, with extreme regret, that Ben and Jackee found out where the envelope had gone. Leo, their beloved 2-year-old son, had seen fit to destroy the bundle of bank notes in the paper shredder! Every bill Ben and Jackee had put aside was now in shreds. What a disaster!


This young couple have certainly learned an important lesson: never leave money at home when you have a pesky 2-year-old child!

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